Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wenesday in Haiti

Here is an update from Kevin...

Today was long. Saw lots of sick people. Two stick in my mind, one was a mother of three who was so thin she looked dead. I couldn't even find a vein to get blood. We did an ultrasound, she had a huge tumor in her gut. No one can operate on that here. She will die and she has a 17 month old baby. Then We had our first case of cholera today, a boy. He will be ok but if it spreads, the whole place could get crazy. It's the first case reported here. I'm helping, and have made an impact on 2 or 3 patients but i'm doing more nurse work than physician work since We have 5 docs. This team is actually too big. We walked around the village before dinner. I can't express what I saw in this town. The kids don't all wear clothes, what they do wear are rags. There was no school today so the kids told us they hadn't eaten today. They all wanted us to take pictures and show them to them on the camera screen. They are so cute. They
live in huts. I want to come back with just bags of food and clothes, and sandals. Tell kayleigh not to worry about dresses, the girls here only have one dirty shirt and no dresses. The people here are so tough. But without knowing the language i feel more like gawking tourist than a missionary.

Prayer request from the prayer letter

Nov. 10, Wednesday: While food, water and health for the team are carefully planned these are always a concern. Pray the food will be safe and appropriate. The team is providing the breakfast and lunch food, while Mme Elvire and the Haitian women prepare the evening meals. Please remember the health of the team members as they adjust to the environment.

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