Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another update from Haiti

I haven't been able to talk to Kevin by phone, but am thankful for the daily emails he is sending me. Here is another one I just got.

The haitians aren't hopeless but I am hopeless for them, they don't know what they don't have, they don't know how uneducated they are or how good life could be. They don't realize that it's not normal to walk a mile for water or that kids don't usually die at the age of 3. That's what kills me, and this place won't change. You could give them a million dollars but there is no economy to use it in. Pray that we heal people today, not just send them away with Tylenol. I'm leaving everything I can here of my clothes, money, etc. I bet I've lost weight. No one wants second helpings. It's hard when there are dozens of hungry people outside.

When I got home from Peru, it was so hard to describe and explain what I was experienced. I was really looking forward to Kevin going to Haiti so he would have his own experience and better understand some of the feelings and emotions associated with encountering poverty as an outsider looking in. I can tell, by reading his words, that he is experiencing some of the same emotions I did. But I can also tell that his experience is very different from mine. He is working in a clinic where people are coming for immediate medical care. I was with a ministry that focuses on holistic child development....physical, social, economic and spiritual care that will hopefully release the child from poverty. I saw hope through the local church. Kevin and his team are seeing sick and dying people.

Would you please say some extra prayers for them today?

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Cheri said...


Praying for Kevin and the team. I was in Haiti on a medical mission trip in 2007 and there are many days I think about and pray for the people there. Your/Kevin's updates fill me with vivid memories. Continue to be the hands and feet of Christ.

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