Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday in Haiti

Prayer request from the prayer letter....

Nov. 9, Tuesday: There will be a great deal of pressure on the people working in the pharmacy. Pray that the pharmacy workers, aides and nurses, will know how to balance their work assignments. Pray we will have the proper medicines and accuracy in preparing prescriptions. There is always the unexpected, such as very sick patients, deliveries of babies or the need to transfer patients to hospitals hours away from us. Also, there are often mechanical problems with our equipment. Pray we will have the abilities and insight to do all that is needed. In addition to the teaching time in the morning, we plan to have ‘didactic’ sessions at the end of clinic daily. Not only is this a good time for exchange of information, but it also serves to build relationships with our Haitian staff.

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Teena said...

Jill, thank you so much for your message... on my blog. It was very helpful. We called Compassion yesterday to see if we could have a couple correspondent children... but they said they do not have any so we were put on the waiting list. I do hope we get atleast one soon.

Praying for your husband and his work in Haiti.. it is amazing and heartbreaking to read... I will continue to pray.

My Mandi is in the air on her way back to the states. I have had a peace this whole time but when I talked to her and Maureen today and both were crying.... my heart broke. God is so faithful bringing them both together.

You can see Mandi's blog at

I am so thankful ... God has brought some new bloggers into my life that are advocates.

Thank you for all the encouragment.


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