Monday, November 8, 2010

Update from Kevin

Just got this from Kevin....

We are taking a break for lunch now. The clinic is busy but not crazy busy, about normal for an urgent care or er. Lots of crying babies and kids everywhere. I've been filling prescriptions from the makeshift pharmacy and reading a few slides to evaluate anemias. We had 4 really sick people here. One with a broken hip (5 months ago is when it was broken!) . A baby that won't live another year because of a heart defect that no one here can operate on, and a lady with cancer all over. Tumors all over her face, hard to look at. I just prayed with her in the corner then we gave her pain meeds and she walked away. The Haitians are great, I wish I could speak, it's hard not communicating. Lorenzo is up to his eyeballs in kids - he's the star here.
Pray that I can be useful, pray that my lab stuff works well - so far its been hard to run the tests here, stuff isn't working right.

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Teena said...

wow... praying. Thanks for the updates....


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