Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday in Haiti

Prayer request from the prayer letter...

Nov. 8, Monday: Our day starts with breakfast, followed by our daily morning devotions, which will be led by our friend, Pastor Osmy. We hope to have a short teaching time each morning with the Haitian medical staff, as well as the community health workers. We hope to begin the clinic soon after this, but we know flexibility will be necessary. The crowd outside, which has been gathering since we arrived, will be pushing and shoving, as people desperately try to find a way to enter the clinic. Ask the Lord to send His peace and His control and to give the Haitian helpers the ability to know how to enforce orderliness. Each day, pray that the people with the most urgent needs will be able to get into the clinic. Pray for the health providers to have wisdom to know how to diagnose and treat each person. At the end of each day the team will be treated to a delicious Haitian meal, with time to relax, share their experiences and pre-package meds for the next day.

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