Sunday, November 7, 2010

From Kevin

I got this a couple minutes ago from Kevin....I'm so thankful he made it to the clinic!

We made it here to Terre Blanche. What a trip. 24 hours of travel. We sat for 1.5 hours on the runway in Miami and they lost my bag at port au prince. But we finally got it all sorted and got here at 5 pm. We've had no sleep. Hatit is amazingly impoverished. I expected to see poverty but not 150 miles of nonstop squalor, it was hard to take. Trash everywhere, kids with no clothes playing in swamps. Goats and pigs everywhere. It's hard to describe. No one looks like they have a clean shirt or even a door on their house. The airport was scary. Everyone tries to take your bags. There was essentially one long road to terre blanche no turn offs for 250 Km. Along this road there are tons of pedestrians, kids, motorcycles, etc. Yet the cars go 70-80 mph. It was the scariest car experience i ever had. And so many potholes. I got car sick after 4 hours. We also got a flat tire and had to change it on a dirt road with people going 70 mph along side us. But we are at
the clinc. Should be busy tomorrow. Everyone seems nice so far. Not sure what i will do since they have 5 other docs who are internists.

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Juli Jarvis said...

Praying for Kevin and the team! From my experience in Haiti several years ago, much seems the same -- people trying to take your bags at the airport (not to steal them necessarily, but to get paid to carry them for you), potholes and lack of infrastructure (such as roads, electricity, water, etc.). People in Haiti (even at the airport) do not line up for anything -- it's just a big mob even to get through the gates. They have quite an experience ahead of them, but I'm so thankful they're there to be of help. I know God will protect them along the way.

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