Monday, September 27, 2010

#292 - Peruvian Coffee

So here is another story from Peru...

Our trip leader, Ian, has a friend from college who now lives in Peru. He, his wife and two small children own and run a coffee shop and roasting business (Cafe Verde - you should definitely check out this website, although it's in Spanish). He works with the coffee bean farmers of Peru, and exports their beans for a fair price.

We all went to the coffee shop and bought out his supply of coffee for sale. I've been purposefully saving it for a time I was missing Peru and wanting to go back. This morning I ground some of the beans and enjoyed a cup of coffee while remembering Peru.

I miss hearing God's voice when I was in the midst of poverty. I miss seeing Jesus in the faces of the children. I miss the questions I was asking. Sadly, with the distractions of everyday life, I'm forgetting. I knew it would happen, and it's natural, but it saddens me to think the trip is becoming a distant memory.

I was on fire when I came back. Determined to be a better advocate and find sponsors for the 5 children I had packets for. I did find a sponsor for Waldir, and I did inspire a friend to sponsor CSP. I praise God for that. But the other children....their packets expired and now they will be re-entered into Compassion's system and sent to someone else to find them sponsors.

I know I'm not a failure, but I still find myself discouraged. God has other plans for those kids and I have to trust in His timing.

What a heavy post....I meant to just be thankful for the Peruvian coffee and then it turned into more.


Hez said...

As determined as we try to continue to live in that freshness of the trip, it always seems to over time become more distant. Distance isn't always a negative obstacle though. Sometimes those memories, and even the heartache that may come with the passing time and distance of those memories, can drive us even more to be those catalysts, world changers we desire to be. But it's not a simple task, it's an everyday desire. Keep reminiscing, keep dreaming, keep's only the beginning...

Grandma Dee Dee said...

Thank you for sharing openly and honestly. You have not failed. You keep us all aware of what God is calling us to do where ever we are by sharing your heart and your passion. it may not be your passions but what He is calling us to do.
You are obedient and have a heart after God. Just stay true to Your precious Jesus
hugs and Love

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