Monday, September 27, 2010

#293 - Letter from David

I got a letter from David, the LDP student I met in Peru! This was written shortly after we met...

Dear Kevin, Jill, Sydney and Kayleigh Foley,
I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus.

I received your last letter and I am grateful to God for showing me His love and mercy through your lives. These past two months my life was greatly blessed by your letters. Each word you write helps me, strengthens me and encourages me to work 4 times harder to achieve the goals God has given me. And, you are an important part of my achievements because I can feel your prayers for me and I see how God speaks and listens to me in a different way and helps me grow spiritually, physically and intellectually.

This love God has put in your hearts to help me will always be greatly appreciated. I will do my best to achieve my goals so that God and you feel proud of having helped a servant leader with his professional life.

I had the privilege to meet a wonderful person. This is Jill. I will never forget these two days I spent with her. They have changed my life. I met a true servant who reflects much love. I have seen God's great love in her life. Dear Jill, thank you for your words and for taking your time to come to Peru to meet Jazmin and me. You are a very kind and cheerful woman and you are one of those few people who cause a great impact on others. Perhaps I did not tell you this because I was too excited. I know God let us meet so we can learn new things from each other. Now I feel I love you and your family more and I appreciate your support.

I thank God for this beautiful experience, for this unforgettable day in my life. God has spoken to me through Jill and not only through her words but also through the things I could see and feel.

Dear Jill, I just want to ask you to read every day each promise that God has for you and four family through the little gift I gave you. And, please give a strong hug to your daughters and your husband for me. I want you to know that I have restarted my reading of the whole Bible I have begun with three chapters and within a year I will have finished studying this beautiful book. I want to tell you something else. Thank you for the gift you sent me and for the photo album in which I can see your beautiful family and your lovely daughters. Continue to guide them on God's way. I see they will become wonderful servants of God like you. Also, thank you for the Bible (Spanish/English). I believe it is the best gift I have received because it will help me with my spiritual growth (and with my English). May God continue to bless your lives and may your family continue to grow according to His will. I say goodbye to you until next time. Your brother in Christ and friend, David.

I am so thankful that this relationship is already at a more meaningful and deeper level because of our meeting. I am humbled by his words and encouraged that this ministry really does make a difference.

What struck you most about this letter?


Grandma Dee Dee said...

Wow!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!
What a gift from God to both you and David. The letter touched me and blessed me so much. I am so glad you got to meet and spend time together.
What really struck me is that you both learned so much from each other and that God used each of you to speak to your heart. Tha t is just God!!! He is awesome and so faithful. I am overwhelmed with his LOVE

GinH said...

Wow! What an amazing letter. It brought me to tears to read his words. I love that he writes from his heart and I imagine you were so touched to read this. He is a special young man and I know God has great plans for him. What an amazing relationship you will develop with him! I absolutely LOVE this letter Jill!

How many more years does he have as LDP? I LOVE how excited he is to read his Bible and to have one in English/Spanish. That must be so incredibly special for him.

Thanks for sharing this letter!

Michelle said...

I love all of it!! Really, I got goosebumps it was so lovely! Thank you so much for posting it!

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