Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sponsors Needed

With God's help, I am committing to finding sponsors for some of the unsponsored children in Peru. These four children attend the Compassion projects we will be visiting, and it is my hope to meet them and get to know them better. My prayer is that you, or someone you know, will be moved to step up and sponsor them.

Fernando is 3 years old. He has one sibling and enjoys cars, art and playing ball games.

Meet Emanuel. He is 5 years old and is one of 4 children. He also enjoys playing with cars, art and group games.

Sheyla is 15 years old and has 3 other siblings. She enjoys volleyball, walking and listening to music.

This is Waldir. He is 16 years old and enjoys soccer, bicycling and listening to music. There are 3 children in his family.

I would love to be able to tell them, face to face, that I have found them a sponsor. If God is prompting you now, please let me know. I will take them a gift and can even deliver hugs for you. As I mentioned before, I am looking forward to meeting these kids and bringing you their stories.

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