Thursday, August 19, 2010

#286 - Letters

I was so thankful to find four letters from Compassion in my mailbox today....and one was from Alejandrina and another was from David, both in Peru.

I am so excited to meet them (and all the other kiddos we'll see).

This was Alejandrina's first letter to me, and she did not know I was coming to Peru when she wrote the letter. But David's letter said the following...

Dear Jill Foley, I look forward to your arrival in Peru. I am praying a lot for you and your family and I especially pray for your trip that God will bring you safe. I know we will have a blessed time. I will learn a lot from you. I can imagine that day meeting you and hugging you and giving you thanks for all you do for me. I pray God will guide the day.

my repsonse would be...
David, I agree that we will have blessed time, and I'm pretty sure I will learn a lot from you. I know it will be special meeting you, and I ,too, pray God will guide the day.


Juli Jarvis said...

Oh, what wonderful timing! That is so exciting! What a special, special time you all will have together -- may God bless you and your family. I'm so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone, too, and for that you will be amazed what all God will do in you and through you.

kgill26 said...

Have a wonderful time- we will be praying for you! May God bless all of your work there!

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