Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#285 - David

This is David. He is studying electronic engineering at the university in Lima.

When I finally committed to going on this trip, I requested to correspond with an LDP student in Peru...and that's how I became David's correspondent. (LDP stands for Leadership Development Program and is Compassion's program for sponsorship at the university level).

We have exchanged a few letters and he is quite a remarkable young man. His biggest dreams are to work for IBM or another company like IBM and to become better skilled at playing drums and keyboard. He plays on the worship team at his church and plays with the youth group.

David is working hard to achieve his dreams of someday being employed by IBM (which does have offices in Peru). He told me he is "working four times harder" right now. Learning English will help expand his job opportunities. I am excited to meet David and let him practice some of his English. I am taking a Spanish/English study Bible to him, and can't wait to give it to him next week.


Juli Jarvis said...

Oh wow -- didn't realize (or remember) that you were seeing an LDP student too! That will be wonderful! Please give him my love and greetings as well -- what a great day that will be for you, as well as seeing your other young girl!

pippasmum said...

How exciting!!! Something tells me that this trip will continue the transformation that God is working for you! I hope you travel safely and have a wonderful time. I am sure that you will be a blessing to everyone :-).

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