Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday in Haiti

Prayer request from the prayer letter...

Nov. 13, Saturday: This will be a full morning. After seeing our Haitian co-workers and any medical emergencies, we will close the clinic and begin to make an inventory of the remaining medications and supplies. Pray for accuracy as this is very important in the planning of the next team. Saying good-bye, we start our drive back to PAP. We will stop for an evening at the beach together to share the meaning of this week and to praise God for His work in this village.

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Teena said...

Jill, I can not begin to tell you how your words are speaking to my heart.. your comment about Mandi and saying you will pray. So many do not understand... I know God brought me to your blog.

I have tried to "find" you on fb and see if you had an email.

I am praying for Kevin too for his re-entry. It is amazing how God has placed people in my path to be able to connect and know that all that we are going through is part of the process that we will never forget.

Much love,
I am on fb Teena Graham Price

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