Monday, November 29, 2010

#331 - New Traditions

Last year I first heard about doing a Jesse Tree during advent. We were already half way through advent, so I filed it away as something to remember to do this year.

A favorite blogger, Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience, has put together a beautiful devotional to be used during advent called Jesse Tree Journey.

Ann is a Compassion sponsor and advocate and recently joined Compassion bloggers on a trip to Guatemala. Her accounts of her experience are so touching.

She is offering the Jesse Tree Journey devotionals for FREE, but is encouraging her readers to donate to Compassion.

I am so thankful, once again, for God bringing threads together in my life. My desire to do the Jesse Tree with my girls. The encouragement and tears shed through Ann's experience with Compassion. Another opportunity to donate to this wonderful ministry. All brought together. God is good.

We began our day with the first reading and later went out to find a small "Jesse" tree to hang our ornaments on. I am thankful for this new opportunity to focus our hearts and minds on Jesus as we eagerly wait his coming.

I would encourage you to download and print your own copy of this advent devotional, and perhaps even make a donation to Compassion.


Teena said...

Jill, this is the 3rd time I have tried to leave a comment. It is my computer not yours. :)

I love Ann's Jesse Tree Devotional... we have used it for years. I love reading at her place. I followed as she went to Guatemala.

I am so thankful for the compassion bloggers.

So thankful for you,

T. E. said...

I downloaded this to do this year after seeing it posted here. I have wanted to have a devotional to do with the kids daily this time of the year.
Thanks for sharing this.

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