Monday, November 22, 2010

#324 - Holiday Books

I just finished reading this wonderful book to the girls....Saying Grace A Prayer of Thanksgivingby Virginia Kroll. The message is beautiful and the illustrations are too. This is one I'd like to own in our holiday book collection. I'm always thankful to find books that add to our enjoyment and understanding of the reason we celebrate the holidays.

It's not too early to start hogging, I mean borrowing, Christmas books from your library. I've already requested and checked out several. I've found in years past that if I wait until after Thanksgiving, all the good ones are checked out. So we got them early this year, and will hopefully read them at the beginning of December and get them returned so others can enjoy them as well.

These are some of the books I'm particularly excited about this year....

Do you have any holiday favorites?

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