Monday, September 13, 2010

Sponsor Fun Day

Wednesday was our Sponsor Fun Day - the day we get to spend with the children we sponsor (or in my case correspond with). I had met David the night before, but hadn't yet met Jazmin. I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at how friendly, bubbly and sweet she was. It was also an honor and pleasure to meet the women who have raised/are raising these kids.

We were able to spend the day at a Peruvian amusement park just outside Lima. The park was not normally open on Wednesdays, but since our group numbered more than 100 people, they opened for us and we had the whole place to ourselves. Each sponsor was assigned a translator for the day. I was thrilled to be paired with Clara, and she did an excellent job making the communication between our small group easier.

I was a little worried about the dynamics between an LDP student and a 10 year old girl, but we had a great time together. It helped that David, and I had met the night before and had a chance to get to know each other a bit. It was very cool to have David encourage Jazmin in school and talk to her a bit about LDP.

We rode many rides, even though I was feeling sick after the first one! I don't handle motion very well - especially when going around and around! I was trying to be brave and do as much as I could, but I had to sit a few rides out.

This is Jazmin's 18 month old brother, Josue (Joshua). He was a cutie, but was very wary of me.

I had taken a soft frisbee and after a couple hours of rides (and most of us feeling woozy), we began throwing it around. We ended up playing for over an hour, and at the end of the day, Jazmin said it was her favorite part of the day. She was thrilled when I let her keep it.

David's mother, Merita, could not stop thanking me for supporting her son. She gave all praise, glory and honor to God. She is such a strong woman of great faith - a wonderful example and inspiration. When it was time to say goodbye, she thanked me again and said she wants a different life for her children than she had for herself. My own tears were flowing hard at this point, and I embraced her. I asked her to pray for me as a mother. It was obvious to me that she has imparted her faith to her children, and I want to do the same for my daughters. It's really all that matters to me on this journey of parenthood. I want my children to love Christ. I saw how Merita and David demonstrated this success and it's what I want in my own life. My greatest desire, when it comes to parenting, is that my children love and serve God with their lives. We hugged, promising to pray for one another and our children. How awesome is it that there is a mother in Peru praying for Kevin, myself and our children?


Juli Jarvis said...

Great photos! I've enjoyed hearing about your trip so much!

GinH said...

looks like Jazmin really took to you! what was the temperature there, you are in short sleeves but Jazmin is bundled up! SO amazing how God connects all of us, and what an awesome feeling to know that David's mother is praying for you and Kevin as you parent and teach the girls.

Grandma Dee Dee said...

What super pictures!!!!!!
An amazing day! A gift from God.
I have enjoyed every thing you have shared and written.
hugs Mom

Jill Foley said...

It was sunny and in the 60s - I was hot at times (especially playing frisbee). But it's winter for them - I was amazed at how they all kept their long sleeves (coats even) on most of the day! Jazmin told me that she got this outfit from Compassion.

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