Monday, September 13, 2010

Advocacy Redefined

One of my goals for going on the trip to Peru was to boost my advocacy for Compassion. I've been an advocate for 15 years, but still hadn't seen the ministry with my own eyes. I was hoping that retelling my story and experience would result in many new sponsorships.

But that hasn't happened. In fact, I even talked one person out of sponsoring. I won't lie to you...I am a little disappointed that I got no response for the 5 children needing sponsors. Nor did I get any response about sponsoring Child Survival Programs.

But through it all, I have seen that my advocacy is strengthened and in many ways, redefined. I am thankful that many of you already sponsor children. I have had many conversations with some of you (through emails and phone), and know that my experience has helped you understand Compassion's work and your role a little better.

Remember the person I talked out of sponsorship? When I explained that I was looking for sponsors who would actively pray and write to their children, she was honest enough to admit she wasn't able to commit to that. I would much rather have sponsors who understand what it means to sponsor a child.'s about so much more than the money.

So if you have prayed for or written a letter to your sponsored child since my trip, then I feel successful as an advocate. If you have learned anything about Compassion's ministry and how they work, then I feel successful as an advocate. And Compassion is not the only way to respond to God's mandate that we love our neighbor's as if my experience has inclined you in any way to reach out to the poor, then I feel successful as an advocate.

Of course there are always children who need sponsors, and I would be more than happy to guide you into that relationship.

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GinH said...

We are doing CSP! Sort of, right? I think... maybe the brochure from my advocate will arrive soon and I will know exactly :P (jk, take your time!)

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