Friday, September 10, 2010


When I finally committed to going on this advocate trip to Peru, I wanted to make the most of my time there. I heard that Compassion was looking for people to correspond with LDP students who had the financial aspect of sponsorship provided, but did not have anyone corresponding with them. I knew I would probably get put on a waiting list, but I contacted the office and requested an LDP student in Peru. I found out there were two Peruvian LDP students needing a correspondent, and one of them had never gotten letters since enrolling in university three years earlier.

David and I had the opportunity to exchange a couple letters before meeting in Peru. I learned very quickly that he is serious about doing his best and about his relationship with Christ.

Here is what I wrote in my journal shortly after meeting him for the first time...

Tonight was the LDP dinner, and I was surprised to learn David was one of the five LDP students who came to share the evening with us. I got to go into the room first and I got the biggest hug from him. I sat next to him as we ate dinner, and he shared his story with us. He shared his heart with us and it was so rewarding to know that God has chosen me - our family - to be part of his story.

He was enrolled in CDSP at age 6. He grew up in one of the squatter communities and still lives there with his family. He told us, in great detail, how he prepared for the university acceptance and then LDP. He gives all glory and honor to God. David is so passionate about the blessings God has bestowed upon him.

David sponsored by a small group but has never received any letters from them (that's where I come into his story). It's such an honor to be used by God to encourage and support and pray for these incredible young men and women.

David talked a lot about his Compassion tutor. She encouraged him and helped him prepare for university and LDP. He gives her much credit for his success.

What struck me most about David was his love and passion for God. As I was sitting there tonight, I though about how appropriate it is that his name is David. Like David in the Bible, I can see that he is a man after God's heart.

These young men and women, David included, have such a strong faith. It is so inspiring to listen to their passion and desire to serve God. I am amazed that God would want me to encourage and disciple David. It seems like it should be the other way around! He has much more faith than I and knows what true dependence on God looks like. Who am I? What have I experienced that might possibly encourage this remarkable young man? But God is using us both - to teach and encourage one another what it means to love and follow our Lord. This is an amazing journey to be on, and I'm so thankful I'm here.

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pippasmum said...

This is a beautiful post and one that really tugs at my heart. I love the idea that not only is David getting an education and a chance to grow in his faith, he is offering that gift as well. I love the connection idea - we as Christians gain so much by having relationships with other Christians. You are an excellent advocate!

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