Friday, July 23, 2010

#263 - Farmer's Market Bouquet

Look at this beautiful bouquet I picked up at our local farmer's market tonight for only $5! There were many beautiful bouquets, and it was a little difficult to pick just one, but Sydney helped me settle on this one.

This post is participating in Friday Flowers, hosted by Renee over at FIMBY


Grandma Dee Dee said...

I will take one too :)

Grace said...

I love Farmer's Market flowers! Yours look great.

Phyllis said...

How beautiful!

renee @ FIMBY said...

So lovely Jill. That's a great deal for all those flowers. I'm so happy you've been participating in Friday's Flowers - I appreciate it!

Nellie Dee said...

I thought it was really cool that we both got purple flowers from the Father. How special and oh, how He loves us! Yeah, for purple!

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