Friday, March 26, 2010

#173 - Life is Full

I'm tired. I don't have much energy, and I've had an incredibly lonely week. I'm in the stage where the reality of living somewhere new has definitely set in. Life is in full swing, but the connections are few. Those take time...more time than we've had so far. I know they will come, but until then, it gets a little lonely at times. I've been missing family and friends a lot this week.

BUT...I am thankful that life is full. We have church and life group. Kevin is playing drums on Sunday, we are having a couple over from church this week, we went to someone's house from church last week. We are homeschooling and are in a co-op. I am teaching the girls violin and music at the co-op. We have started our own little nursing home outreach and the girls enjoy it as much as I do. We are volunteering at a local homeless shelter. The girls have swim lessons starting up again soon. We have a play date coming up this week, with more to plan the following week. I am working the Compassion table at a Mercy Me concert tomorrow night and will be meeting up with several other advocates. I am training for another race and Kevin is dreaming of what mountain he will climb next. We are planning our summer vacation to Glacier National Park. I am hoping to go to Peru in August with Compassion and Kevin is hoping to go to Haiti in November with a group from church.

Life is full. We are not sitting around wondering what to do. I'm thankful that God has enabled us to live life fully here. I'm trusting that more and more connections will happen, and that when they do, we don't pick up and move again!


kgill26 said...

Sad to see we are not on the list- the outer Banks would definitely help cure your loneliness! Hope you guys change your mind!

Juli Jarvis said...

Wow -- this is an awesome post! I hear you!
I just did the Mercy Me concert -- it was great. Lots of help, especially for CSP's. By the way, I'm not able to attend the AC conference, unfortunately. We're not going to be able to make music together -- yet. :(

Juli Jarvis said...

Yeah -- good idea!

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