Monday, March 1, 2010

#155 - Another Great Weekend

We had another GREAT weekend! We had great weather and were able to get out and see new places yet again. We also got to meet some new people and had fun hanging out with them both on Saturday, and Sunday.

The highlight of my weekend, though, was church. I have never been part of a church that draws me in like Mosaic does. I realized yesterday, that for most of my life I have gone to church, tolerated it, but not really ever looked forward to going. For us, Mosaic is a place where we can worship and learn and it's the highlight of our week.

It's very cool to be in that place and I'm so thankful for that!


Anonymous said...

So great to hear, Jill! An answer to prayer!

T. E. said...

I know that feeling because it is the feeling I have about my church. I look forward to being there every time. And that feeling has grown stronger over the last few years.

Grandma Dee Dee said...

Praise The Lord!!!!!!!!!
An answer to my prayers!!!!!
Welove you all

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