Friday, December 18, 2009

#112 - My Little Witness

We went for a walk today, and as we passed through the grocery store (they give out free cookies to kids), Sydney wanted to drop money into the Salvation Army collection can. We were chatting with the volunteer who asked the girls if Santa was coming to our house.

Sydney looked at me and smiled. Then she said, "We don't really do Santa. We do baby Jesus."

I'm so thankful we do baby Jesus!!! Do I think my kids are missing out on not doing Santa? No...but they would certainly be missing out if we didn't do baby Jesus.


Jill Foley said...

LOVE IT!!!! We don't do santa either... :)

Grandma Dee Dee said...

That makes me smile and say Praise the Lord!!!

Lin said...

Such wise words coming from one so young! It just proves what a wonderful job of parenting you are doing!

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