Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#78 - Hope Lives

I am currently doing the study Hope Lives - A Journey of Restoration by Amber VanSchooneveld. I have had this book/devotional/study for well over a year. I have given it as gifts. But I am just now diving into it and it's good.

Amber is an employee of Compassion International so there are lots of stories of families and individuals she has met through her work. The book is just full of deep insights.

Here's a taste of what has struck a chord with me...

about Jesus...He was busy with the slow work of taking time to care for people. He was never too busy to stop and help someone.

about motives...I want God to transform my heart by the Holy Spirit so that I love what God loves, so that mercy naturally flows out of me. I want to show others mercy because it was first shown to me; to offer mercy to others as fellow guests at God's table, not as a benevolent queen offering scraps to beggars at my feet.

and...And when my motivation for all things is Christ's love, loving the poor will become an organic shoot growing out of my heart.

about purpose...Something happens when a creation does just what it was created to do - it sings. It finds joy and purpose and fulfillment. Far from being a burden in my life, I suspect fulfilling my purpose in loving and serving the poor around me will make me more truly alive. It will nourish me and bring me joy.

I am so thankful I am taking time to do this study. I have the added benefit of doing it with two other friends, so they are keeping me accountable to finishing it! I have extra copies of this book....I'll happily send you one if you let me know.

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