Monday, September 28, 2009

#57 - New Beginnings

Some days I don't even know where to begin....but since I've started this list of intentional thanks, I find myself thinking "Oh...this can be what I'm thankful for today!"

I have so much to be thankful for and most days nothing in particular stands out. But today I am thankful for new beginnings...specifically for our family here in Oregon.

God has used this most recent move to draw us closer to Him. We spent a good portion of the drive out (3,000) miles listening to podcast sermons and have had some excellent discussions that have resulted from those sermons. God is taking us to a deeper level of commitment and understanding....we both feel like He's fueling us for leadership.

When we got to Marquette we were in need of healing. And now we were ready for growth. I'm so glad that we listened.

Funny how this post turned out...not at all the direction I had planned. But that's the way God works sometimes (most times!)

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