Saturday, September 26, 2009

#56 - Dahlias

We went to the farmer's market today and I just couldn't decide which bunch of flowers I wanted. I was talking to the woman selling them and asked which were her favorite. She pointed out a few and said that her favorites are always the last to sell. After she pointed them out, I thought to myself that I wouldn't necessarily choose them either. So then I asked Syd and Kay to come over and pick out the flowers for me...they both chose the red ones which happened to be the woman's favorites! She was so thrilled that they picked them that she gave me the orange ones, too...for free!! She said she's always wanted someone to buy the two bunches and make mix them in a bouquet.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! This blog is inspiring -- and reminds me to get back to my "Endless Thanks" blog. I don't know why I missed out on this earlier (because I knew you were doing this), but just now read through your whole list -- awesome!

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