Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday in Haiti

Kevin should be in Haiti by now...he called me from Miami, just before boarding the plane. It was a two hour flight to Haiti and then at least a 5 hour ride by car to the clinic. The condition of the roads remains to be seen, so the actually traveling time could end up being much more. Please pray for Kevin and the other two team members as they travel north to the clinic.

Here is some information about the team and where they are going.

Team members:

Health Professionals: Joe & Janan Markee, Laura Kuipers, Todd Merrick, Jim Patterson, Lorenzo Boccuzzi, Meg Carey, Kevin Foley, Margaret Baker, Levi & Barbara Cole. Support: Krista Nelson, Cody Wyles, Chris Larson, & Linda Markee.

The team also consists of members of the Haitian church and we are all under the leadership of Pastor Delamy Bazilmé and his wife, Elvire.

Where are we going?

Our destination is the small village of Terre Blanche (TB), located 10 miles north of Gonaives. This is one of the poorest & most underserved areas of Haiti and this community is still struggling with the devastation from hurricane-caused floods last year. The effects of extreme hunger and an unstable political situation are still felt. Before the opening of the Clinic of Hope (2007) TB had limited health care. Very recently the new CHE (Community Health Evangelism) Program started. Many health workers are being trained and we are unsure of how this will impact the teams. Thank you for your prayers – they are essential to God’s work!

Today's prayer request from the prayer letter...

Nov. 7, Sunday: This morning we will join our Haitian brothers and sisters in worship. Worship with the Haitians is always uplifting as well as a deeply moving experience. The team will have an opportunity to share individually in church through a translator. Pray all that is said and done will be to the glory of God. We have much to be thankful for as in October ground was broken to begin to build another medical building (The Annex). More people are coming to TB for medical treatment since the earthquake and also with the excellent reputation of the Clinic of Hope that is spreading throughout Haiti.

***When I was in Peru, Kevin posted this tip of the day and now seems like a really good time to re-post it. Kevin's tip of the day: don't say you will pray for someone unless you really will, and since we all forget things like this by the end of the day, pray now. Pray with people, or for people, the minute you say you will.

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