Thursday, November 18, 2010

#322 - Morning Walks

It's started raining here a lot and we find ourselves stuck inside most days. Although the percentage of rain is high today, it hasn't started yet and we took advantage of that and went for a walk first thing. This is our second morning walk this week and I'm thankful for the time we can spend strolling our neighborhood.

The leaves are still beautiful.... Earlier this week we gathered several and pressed them in a book. When we got home from our walk today, we got our leaves out and the girls had fun sorting them (by color, size, shape and symmetry - all their idea, not mine!)


Lin said...

What gorgeous leaves!!!!! Love Kayleigh's stylish outfit! Sydney has such a cute smile there - she's starting to look so grown up! Wish I could give them both a big hug!

pippasmum said...

Those leaves are gorgeous!!!! Ours are long gone - we had wet snow today and everything is looking very winter-y these days.

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