Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#320 - Baby Vant

For those of you who were following Kevin's trip, here is an update on the little boy who was so sick. They were finally able to find a place to take him for surgery. On the way to the airport, the team dropped him off at the hospital.

Below is the photo of several team members, trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

Here is what Joe, the founder of Haiti Foundation of Hope, forwarded the team members regarding this little boy.

We just received a phone call from Delamy who has news from the Hospital at Pierre Payan. ‘Baby Vant’ ( our nameless 1 year old- ‘vant’ is Creole for ‘belly’ ) is doing fantastically well. He did have appendicitis, and sailed through the surgery! Octave stopped by the hospital yesterday, and said, ’there is one very happy family in Pierre Payan’. When the time comes, he will also provide transportation for them back to Terre Blanche.

Thanks you guys for a job well-done! Thank God this team was full of ‘bull dogs’, and thank you Steve for your good advice! This is a wonderful story- despite the discouragement of taking young ‘Baby Vant’ to two different institutions who could not provide neither care nor advice to us of where to go, despite Delamy then calling many other hospitals and doctors without avail, we still have this wonderful success story (you should know that Delamy and Linda had sat down and prayed Thursday afternoon, Nov 11, after having exhausted all options, asking God to provide a miracle. That’s when Steve’s email arrived suggesting Pierre Payan).

Of course, we all know it goes without saying; we are so blessed to be able to work with someone like Pasteur Delamy, and the Terre Blanche staff that he has formed. Without him, we would not be sharing this story. But this also shows how cholera has impacted HFH’s work in Terre Blanche, and how difficult it will be for future teams.

Nevertheless, this also shows what HFH does so well, working together with our Haitian staff, to take care of the patients that God has entrusted to our care.

Kevin was explaining to me last night that many of these people were nameless and so the team had to name them. That's how this boy got the name Baby Vant (belly). I'm thankful this story has a good ending!


Juli Jarvis said...

Wow -- that's so amazing. I knew the children weren't usually named until older; how special to be able to name some of them! Very interesting -- thanks for the happy update!

Grandma Dee Dee said...

Praise God for the amazing miracle of God!!!! So enjoyed the picture too. So many seeds were planted so God can do amazing things. he is faithful!!!!!

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