Sunday, November 14, 2010

#318 - Letter Writing Day

It's that time of month again....time to write to my Compassion children. I have always tried to write once a month, but setting an actual target date has proven to keep me more accountable. I aim for the second weekend of the month.

I was inspired by Michelle, to stock up on pretty paper from the Dollar Tree.

I then re-read all the letters I received since the last round of letter writing.
Because I have so many kids to write to, I write a simple, general letter that can be tailored to the different genders and ages. The only letters I write completely independent and separate from this process are to Dominic who is 20 and our two LDP students, David and Bildad. I don't have the time to hand write each individual letter, so I print them out directly onto my pretty paper. As long as it has the child's number and my sponsor number somewhere on the paper, I'm good to go!

Again inspired by Michelle (you've got to read her blog regularly for great ideas and inspiration when it comes to letter writing), I included a short devotional on obedience. Then I go through and personalize each letter...answering questions, asking questions, addressing specific needs and concerns. And this time around they are getting bookmarks we made with their names on them.

What are you waiting for? It doesn't have to be fancy...just take a moment to tell your sponsored child you love them!


Teena said...

wow, Jill, you continue to inspire me! I never thought of writing my letters on pretty paper! I have some here! Also, I like the bookmark idea too!

Thank you so much for your words/comment on my blog. This processing thing is so.... everywhere. Your words were exactly what Mandi and I talked about just a few hours ago. God keeps letting me know.... He is all over all this. I am so thankful we have connected.

Praying for your Kevin and his trip home.


pippasmum said...

I don't have a Compassion child yet because I am on mat leave and money is really tight but one of the first things we plan to do when I go back is to get one for each of our children. I love the idea of the monthly special letters and I would imagine that will be such a wonderful experience for my children as they get older. You are such an inspiration!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Great post! Thanks for spreading the word about my blog. :D We have a lot of that same paper, isn't it great? I just used the rainbow print for our last devotional, too!

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