Friday, October 22, 2010

#312 - Nowanda

I got a call this week from Compassion. I don't get them often, and I've learned that it's generally not good news that they are calling. So as soon as the man identified himself as being from Compassion, I immediately began wondering...."Which child is he calling about?"

I get pretty attached to all our sponosored kids, pretty quickly so I knew it really wouldn't matter which one I was getting news about.

It turns out that Nowanda, the girl we have sponsored for 7 years in Indonesia, has moved away from the area that has the Compassion project. Compassion assured me that she is healthy and well, just has moved too far away to remain in Compassion's care.

I am sad for this loss, but I am also thankful for the years we had with her. I am praying that the seeds of the ministry of Compassion will continue to take root in her life. I am praying that Nowanda will remember that God loves her and she is His child. I am praying God will guide this family and keep them safe and healthy.

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Teena said...

oh Jill. I sat here reading as my eyes filled. Our Ucok is from Indonesia. My heart would break. We have only had it 2.6 yrs. We love him so much.... as I know you do Rowanda.

Praying for you... and for her. I am sure she is forever changed because of the 7 yrs you invested in her life....

YOU have blessed me already!

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