Monday, October 11, 2010

#303 - Letters for Unsponsored Children

Last year the girls and I wrote letters to unsponsored children for Christmas. We wrote about 5 different letters and then photocopied each one 10 times. Then we mailed them off to Compassion with a note explaining that these were for unsponsored's the only time of year you get to do this, and after meeting many unsponsored children in Peru, I know the kids who receive them must feel the love of Christ through the letters.

I just found out we can do this again! I would encourage you to do the same. It's an easy, easy way to touch the lives of children in other countries for very little cost.

Here are the guidelines:
1. Write a letter or card that would be received by boy or girl, young or old.
2. Include a cover letter explaining that the letters are for unsponsored children.
3. If you wish, specify which country you want your letters delivered to.
4. Mail the letters to
Atten: Laverne, Sponsor Correspondence Team
Compassion International
Colorado Springs, CO 80997

***Cards must be received by 11/30/2010, so mail them soon! ***

I'm so thankful for opportunities like this and hope you'll join me in blessing some kids.


Jennifer said...

I didn't know about this. I am going to post it to my blog. Thanks for sharing it!

Juli Jarvis said...

Thanks for the info -- I did this last year but hadn't heard anything about it yet this time -- I will get busy at it again!

Hez said...

You can actually send them year round to the unsponsored children, there's an address through the Compassion Canada Office. If you're interested in that address it's posted on the OC in the Encouragement and Hope group. But thanks for the US address for the Christmas cards, as shipping costs will be cheaper than Canada :)

T. E. said...

I would like to do this...thanks for the information. Will do my best to get cards and letters for these children.

Dedra said...

I was 'leap blogging' around I came across your blog. I love this idea! I'm going to do it with my children. thank you for the information.

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