Friday, October 1, 2010

#296 - Friday School

We are part of a homeschool co-op, that holds weekly classes - Friday School. There is an 8-week session in the fall and a 10-week session in the spring each year. We just got back from our second week of the fall session, and although it's tiring, I'm so thankful we have the opportunity.

Each girl is in their own class. Here is a picture of Kayleigh's pre-school class.

Sydney is in the kindergarten class (which is actually three different classes - Dr. Seuss, music and tumbling).

The girls enjoy having teachers other than mommy and their friends. Mommy (me) also has a great opportunity to do something she loves to do - teach music! This session I am teaching 20 minutes of preschool music, 40 minutes of kindergarten music and a recorder/note-reading class to older (ages 7-11) kids.

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Juli Jarvis said...

Wow -- that's really cool that you get to teach the other kids too! Music is so important!

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