Sunday, September 5, 2010

Please Help

I hope you aren't tired of hearing about my trip to Peru. I still have many, many stories and photos to share with you. However, I need to take a break from my reports and recruit your help. Our group requested all the child packets for the unsponsored children at the projects we visited. We are hoping our experience and stories will help find sponsors for these children.

Before the trip, I had requested a couple packets on my own and I still need to find sponsors for Fernando and Waldir. (Sheyla exited the program, and I sponsored Emanuel). But there were three packets left that no one had taken. I couldn't stand the thought of those three children not even having a chance, so I took them.

These packets have an expiration date, so I only have about 5 days to hear from you. If you can't or won't do it yourself, try to think of someone you can ask.

Without further are the beautiful children, awaiting sponsorship.

Ruth Noemi - Mar 23, 2000

First of all, I just love her name. I just finished a summer Bible study on the book of Ruth! Noemi is the Spanish spelling of Naomi. Ruth has 3 siblings and enjoys volleyball, jumping rope and playing group games.

Fernando - Oct 12, 2005 (born exactly one year before my Kayleigh)

This little guy lives with his mother and sibling. He enjoys playing with cars, art and ball games. He is in kindergarten.

Elio - April 29, 2004

Elio lives with his mother and sibling. For fun, he enjoys art, hide and seek and ball games.

Fernando - Feb 12, 2007

I was hoping to meet this little guy, but he got transferred from the Compassion project we were visiting to another student center. His child packet says that he is one of two children and enjoys playing with cars, art and ball games.

Finally, there is Waldir.

Of all these kids, Waldir is the only one I got to meet and talk to. He is one of 4 children in his family and is 16 (May 7th is his birthday). He began Compassion's program at age 7 came to know Christ through the church and friends. He enjoys school, is doing well and wants to be an industrial engineer.

After our initial conversation, Waldir came back to me to ask more questions. He was particularly concerned about my failing to find him a sponsor. He is worried that no one will want to sponsor a teenager. It's true that the younger kids get sponsored more readily - people just can't resist their cute faces. But the reality is that teens need our support and encouragement more. They are at such a vulnerable stage in life, especially when living in the reality of poverty.

Think of your own experience as a teen for a moment. This is the stage of life when you need all the positive role models, encouragement and prayer you can get. Waldir needs a sponsor who is willing to support him (not only financially, but through letters and prayers); a sponsor who will disciple him, encourage him to succeed in school and very likely, make a major impact on his life.

I truly believe this is an investment you can't pass up. Sponsoring a teen, in the long run, is less of a financial commitment because they only have a few years left in the program. I love sponsoring teens because the relationship develops more quickly and on a deeper level.

In order to get these child packets to you and have you fill them out, and return them to Compassion on time, I need to hear from you in the next 5 days. I can't stand the thought of letting a single of these children down by not finding sponsors for them. Please ask anyone and everyone you know to consider sponsoring one of these kids.


GinH said...

If I knew baby boy would be born on his due date, Fernando is precious!!! What a sweet buddy they would be for one another... we're still working out what we are going to do for now. Saying special prayers for Wadir.

Anonymous said...

Could you send me some more info. about Wadir. I would like to speak to my husband about sponsoring him.

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