Friday, September 3, 2010

Lunch and CIV

The kids in Compassion's CDSP come to the student center three times a week. Some come in the morning, eat lunch and then head to school. Most, however, go to school in the morning, then go to the student center for lunch and afternoon classes.

After our morning home visit, we returned to the church and had the privilege of helping serve the children in this CDSP lunch. It was such a pleasure and joy to serve in this way.

The staff also fed us the same meal the children were eating. We all had a generous portion of meat, vegetables, rice and potatoes. It was heartwarming to witness these children, living in extreme poverty, being served and eating a healthy, hot meal. For some, this is the most significant meal they will have until they return to the center in a couple days.

I think this picture is priceless..

And this is one of my favorites from the whole trip...

We also learned how this particular church and student center has benefitted from Complementary Intervention Funds (CIV). Not long ago, the church building was lacking a proper roof, flooring and bathroom facilities. Through the CIV program, they were able to improve the roof which made the building warmer, especially during the winter months. They used the funds to add tile flooring in the student center, electricity and windows in the classrooms and add a bathroom. By American standards, this building was still lacking in many ways, but the staff was so proud of the improvements they were able to make.

They took us on a tour to show us the improvements - there is still part of the building that represents what it all looked like before the renovations and the difference is amazing. It is now a building that is warm and welcoming to the students Compassion is ministering to.

This particular Compassion project has just received more funds from CIV that will be used to purchase and distribute blankets to participating children and help improve the roofs of children's homes.


Grandma Dee Dee said...

Wonderful pictures!!!
You will have to fill me in on CIV

Nellie Dee said...

Wow Jill, that was precious.

T. E. said...

woww...amazing the different programs that compassion has.

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