Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CSP - Home Visit

After our presentations, we divided into smaller groups and did CSP home visits. Each group was assigned a project staff worker and a translator. Compassion had already put together a home gift for us to take (food and hygiene basics), and we divided those up as well.

Each CSP participant (mother/child unit) attends the CSP at the church twice a week. Twice a month, the CSP worker does a home visit. During this home visit, the CSP worker works with the child and mother and evaluates the progress. The mother is given assignments, things to work on with the child between the visits, and the mother and worker are able to talk about the child's progress and responsiveness. Each home visit ends with Scripture reading and prayer - a demonstration of the spiritual focus of Compassion's ministry. To illustrate the significance of Compassion's evangelism, during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, 3,746 mothers made first time professions of faith!

Here are some examples of homes we saw on our way to the home visit.

Up these stairs is the home we visited.

We went to the home of Dina and Estefany (age 2). Dina's husband lives with them as well as their 8 yr. old son. Dina is also 6 months pregnant with their third child. I love that because of her participation in CSP with Estefany, her unborn child is also benefitting! Dina is getting proper nutrition and is learning how to take care of herself and her child. This will undoubtedly transfer to her newborn baby. It is a wonderful example of how Compassion's ministry extends to the whole family.

Dina was so gracious and thankful that we could come to her home. How can I describe the home? The walls were made of thin plywood and the roof consisted of a blue tarp, some cardboard and pieces of tin. There was electricity in the home, but no running water. They have to walk up the hill to collect water and bring it down in buckets, filling their water containers. They did have an outhouse, but it was located in another part of the village - away from the home.

The house consisted of an outside seating area, a small room with a bed, table and small oven/stove, another outside area between the two structures (rooms) and the final room with another bed. What an eye opening experience.

Here are some pictures of the home. In one of these you will see the food shelf with hardly any food on it. I was thankful we were able to deliver a basket of food to her.

This is the main room

This is the area between the two rooms

This is the back room

Here is a picture of this particular church that houses Compassion's CSP and CDSP.

I wrote this yesterday, but it's worth repeating...
The Child Survival Program exists to ensure children are surviving and thriving, so that by age 4 they can enter the Child Development Sponsorship Program. CSP sponsorship is only $20 a month and I cannot recommend it enough. You will not have an individual child matched up to you, but you will receive letters and updates from the mothers and pastors participating in the CSP you support. Each CSP aims to serve 50 mother/child units, ranging in age from pregnancy to age 3 or 4. Our family sponsors a CSP in India and have enjoyed being able to support the most vulnerable of the poor. Please prayerfully consider CSP sponsorship, especially if you are wanting to do more, but can't afford to sponsor another child or aren't particularly good at writing letters to your children. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you the information you need. You can go through Compassion's website, but I would appreciate you going through me so I (and Compassion) can keep track of my influence as a result of this trip. I can't wait to hear from you....


Juli Jarvis said...

I can't imagine living this way -- not having a bathroom close by in the night, very little shelter in the wind & rain, bringing water in. What a tough situation. I'm so glad Compassion is there to help, and it's awesome to see the project expanding in size!

T. E. said...

I sit here in amazement at what they live in and for them it is home. I just can't imagine living in those conditions. Thank you for being there, for bringing the pictures back to us. It is great to know what Compassion is doing to help and the pictures help us gain a better understanding of the help so desperately needed.

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