Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday in Peru

We will begin our official Compassion interaction today by visiting a Compassion church partner that houses both a child development program and a child survival program. This is where I plan to deliver the diapers I made.

We will meet the church partner pastor, student center director and staff who serve these children. This particular church partner has utilized funds from the Complementary Intervention Program to meet some specific needs, and we will learn about that and see what they have done with the resources.

Our team will work together to serve lunch to the children, and then we will eat with the student center staff. We will have translators who can assist in making conversation and building relationships, and I also hope to put some of my spanish speaking skills to use.

In the afternoon, we will learn more about the Child Survival Program and how CSP is helping to assure more and more children survive and thrive prior to school age. We will split up into smaller groups and visit several homes of moms who are participating in the program, learning first-hand how CSP is making a difference in their lives.

Please pray for the children and staff workers we will meet today. Pray that unsponsored children will soon have sponsors. Please pray for the babies and moms in the Child Survival Program. Pray that this particular program will be fully sponsored.


Brittany said...

So excited...I loved holding the little babies :) Praying for your time in Peru!!

Grandma Dee Dee said...

I am living your dream and enjoying every minute of your trip. I feel so colese to you and the Lord as i pray for you all.
hugs and Love

Mary Haseltine said...

Praying for you. Funny...I was especially moved this morning to make it to Mass with the boys only to find out when I got there that today is the feast day of St. Rose of Lima! We offered our Mass for you and your trip and all those you will encounter. Many prayers!

Love, Mary

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