Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#268 - New Friends

We have had the privilege of connecting with a dear couple from our church, the Abbates. We met them early on and discovered they live only a mile from us. We have been able to get together with them for dinner (once at their house, and once at ours) and get to know them better. The girls adore them and it seems that they adore our girls. They are parents to two daughters themselves, both now adults. Anyway, we were invited over for lunch and a play date today. They have a creek in their backyard so the girls had fun walking around a bit in it. Kayleigh was the first to completely fall in! We had a lovely time, and I'm looking forward to more time with them.

As they girls played in the creek, I snapped some photos of her beautiful flowers!

I'll also take this opportunity to plug Mr. Abbate's book...Gardening Eden.

Mike weaves his love of Creation with his love for the Creator. He gives solid, biblical arguments that we, as Christians, should be very concerned with caring for God's creation. The book is also full of practical, useful tips for being "green". If you want to borrow my copy, I'd be happy to mail it to you.

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