Saturday, July 17, 2010

#259 - My New Friends

These are my new friends, Daniel and David, both from Kenya.

As children, both were part of Compassion's Child Development Sponsorship Program. Daniel has recently graduated from Compassion's Leadership Development Program (university level) and David will graduate next year. They were in our area because David wanted to meet his sponsors, a couple who lives here.

Kevin and I were invited to meet them and hear their stories. Both young men grew up in extreme poverty. Daniel's mother was 14 when she had him and by age 23, she died of tuberculosis. David lived in one of Kenya's slums and his mother also died of tuberculosis when he was very young.

By God's grace, both young men were enrolled into Compassion's sponsorship program and have overcome the hopelessness of poverty.

It was such an honor to meet Daniel and David tonight. As a Compassion advocate, I am honored to speak up for children all over the world living in poverty. I am thankful for the success of Compassion's programs and the opportunity to partner with God through their ministry.


Anonymous said...

What a great blessing for you! I would love to meet these guys, and to see the visit with David's sponsor!

T. E. said...

So cool you got to meet these guys!! I know you wanted to.

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