Friday, June 4, 2010

#221 - Our Homeschool Classroom

For the past 8 months, I tried being casual about the setting of our "school" activities. Most of the time, we did our work at the kitchen table. But we all got distracted very quickly!

Just recently I have set up a "classroom" and I'm so thankful we have the space for it. It helps us all to stay focused on the task at hand and it's such a nice space to spend a couple hours in. We keep our violins in the big wooden cabinet and start the day out with a practice session. We have windows to let light in and we have a place to get comfortable and read together. I'm on the lookout for some old school desks for each of the girls, but until we find some, these tables are working just fine (we just don't have a coffee table anymore).

Even if our next home isn't as spacious, I hope to create something similar for our homeschooling adventures.

This drawer cart was the inspiration for creating a space to do school. I ran across this workbox system and the organization it offers really resonated with me. Each girl has 10 drawers. I fill the drawers with their "assignments" and they work through the boxes, one at a time. I have to be organized enough to get these ready the night before, and know they are filled, keeps me accountable. We have not filled all 10 and are currently using the bottom drawer as a place for them to put their finished work.

The first drawer holds their violin practice chart and the second drawer usually holds a Bible story or devotion. We've been using this system successfully for two weeks and I love it. I'm so thankful I ran across the idea!


Brittany said...

AHHHH!!! I love this!!!!! I wish we had room in our house for a classroom...boooooo. Love the bin idea...where did you get those?

T. E. said...

I love your room set up. When we finish our basement i will have space to do something like this as well...until then it is wherever we find the space! I love the bins for organization...we have talked about getting something similar for some time and have just not gotten around to it. Where did you find yours?

Grandma Dee Dee said...

Love your room!!!
The colorful cabinets are so cool. Great idea.
Thanks for the pictures!!!
next time show the students, please for Grandma :)

Nellie Dee said...

I love your classroom. Wish I could come. (I had so much fun homeschooling my little ones.) You're a great mother!

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