Monday, May 31, 2010

#217 - Family Night Returns

Over a year ago, I came across this idea called "family night". The idea was that you pick a theme and plan a family night around it. We did "Under the Sea" and "ABC" and "4" (for Sydney's 4th birthday).

I loved the idea, but I was over-thinking it and got overwhelmed quickly.

Tonight "family night" returned to our house and the theme was "Fancy Nancy". If you haven't read the book, it's about a girl named Nancy who likes things fancy. Her family is very plain and simple, so she offers to teach them how to be fancy. She picks out fancy things for them to wear and they go out to eat. It's a cute book and Kayleigh loves it.

Since Kayleigh loves to be fancy, I mentioned that we could have a "fancy Nancy" dinner. Both girls helped pick out clothes for Kevin and I to wear, helped set the table and decorated a chocolate cake with lots of sprinkles. We drank 7-up out of wine glasses and had a lovely meal!

I'm thankful for memories like the ones we created tonight.


pippasmum said...

The kids in my class love the Fancy Nancy books and I have to admit, they remind me of Pk with her love of pink and flash - your girls must have LOVED this. What a great idea!

GinH said...

Cute! I love the family night concept... Whittaker Woman wrote about it too, so many neat ideas for themes and SO creative. The girls seem to have enjoyed it!

Jill Foley said...

That's actually where I heard about the idea...

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