Sunday, May 2, 2010

#193 - Two Great Hikes

We had a couple interesting adventures this weekend....on Saturday we hiked near Hood River, OR. Once we got up to the open ridge it was really, really windy so we attempted to take a short cut through the woods. At one point we got a little freaked out, thinking we might be spending the night in the woods, but we did make it out. Turns out that we basically paralleled the trail and ended up walking through the thickest part of the woods. Adventure, adventure!

Then today, Sunday, we headed towards Mt. Hood and found lots of snow! Not my ideal hike, but the girls were thrilled (for about 15 minutes) to see snow. Then their gloves got wet and their hands were cold.

I'm so thankful for the refreshment I feel from being outdoors in nature. It's really a balm to my soul.

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Grandma Dee Dee said...

I love it that you can drive to snow if you want some and then leave it!!!!! Now that is my kind of snow!

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