Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#166 - Compassion's Child Survival Program

I received another letter from a mother in the Child Survival Program in India that we sponsor through Compassion.

...Before joining CSP, I could not even buy mils for my baby, because of financial strain so many conflicts used to arise in our family. Even nutritious food we used to get only once in a blue moon. Hence, I could not bring up my song giving nourished food and very often he would fall sick. But after joining CSP, my daughter is not affected by all these problems and she is healthy because of CSP's care. Daily she gets milk, vegetables and good nourishment.

We are taught to prepare healthy foods, with the things we get from the project and out of low cost food items, by practical demonstration. This is very useful to us. We learnt to give the children balanced food. By the water filter given by the project we drink pure water. We are protected from mosquito and consequent diseases, through the mosquito net and bed sheets given by the project. By the awareness camps conducted by the project, I learnt prevention methods from diseases. Now I and my family are very happy. We don't bother for anything, and we have a hope that through CSP, our Lord will bless us a bright future.

I have a desire to give good education to my daughter, and bring her up as a doctor. I thank the Lord for giving us good sponsors. We, as a family, thank the sponsor from the bottom of our hearts. I thank the Lord for He had made me a beneficiary in CSP.

I'm thankful for Compassion's ministry to mothers and infants around the world. The name...Child Survival Program...says it all. Can you imagine living in conditions so dire and so hopeless, the thought of your child surviving (not thriving, not being happy...SURVIVING) was first and foremost on your mind?

CSP sponsorship is only $20 a month. Can I send you a brochure?


Grandma Dee Dee said...

I just got my letter from our Mother! I really like the program and am very impressed with what $20.00 a month can do to help a whole family. It is such a blessing to read her letter. Awesome program to be a part of.
Thanks for introducing us to this ministry plus we love our compassion kids too.

Brittany said...

AH! We got this one too! I put her picture in my car...it's easy to "forget" about...so happy Compassion sends us these updates. (By the way, do you remember Tiffany Aurora from the Co. Springs trip? She visited this CSP about a month ago and got great pictures! I was so moved to see how Compassion is working there!)

GinSpaghetti said...

I SO want to do this one day! With moving and family stuff, I'm just focusing on keeping the kids I have now but I love reading the letters from the mothers.

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