Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#161 - Libraries

I LOVE libraries!! I have a hard time walking out of a library empty-handed. I was trying to think back to when this attachment began, and I remember browsing shelves in a tiny library in NC. I used to go to the library over my lunch hour, and just look for books that might interest me.

Today the girls and I went to a library that was new to us and it was awesome! They had a huge selection of books...I really didn't even know where to begin looking!

Recently, when people ask me what curriculum I use for homeschooling, I tell them that we use the library! The majority of our homeschooling is reading...to each other, to our selves...reading stories, reading facts. Sometimes we pick a topic (penguins or owls) and try to find as many resources as possible. Other times we pick one of our Compassion children and find books about their country.

I am so thankful for the service libraries provide us. And I am thankful that the girls like our weekly trips just as much as I do!

Do you make use of your local library?


Nellie Dee said...

I love libraries too. I even wrote about my home library - perhaps you remember it? (being like a garden).
Anyway - our public library has a large room where they sell used books. I've gotten the best books there.

Sarah said...

I love libraries, too! My mom worked in a university library when I was growing up in a gorgeous, gothic, elegant building that was magical. On the other hand, there is NOTHING that I love more than coming home with a bag full of books and trying to decide what to read first.
Pk and I have a weekly date to the library and we have such fun discovering new loves, even at her young age. Books are such a treasure. Living in a small town like we do, we also love the fact that the library is one of the centres of the community and we have met some of our best friends in town there.

Grandma Hall said...

I've ALWAYS loved libraries too, ever since I can remember. As a little girl one of my favorite things in the summer was to ride my bike to the library and find special books to while away the summer hours. I've found many treasures thru the years & have never lost my love of books or the library. When my children were young, one of the first things we did when summer vacation started was to go to the library. I'm glad you share that love too!

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