Friday, January 22, 2010

#132 - 6 miles

I just finished my longest run yet - 6 miles.

I've been trying to add a mile to my long run every week, but have just gotten stuck at 5 miles. I don't feel stuck physically, but usually get bored or interrupted by one of the girls.

I wasn't scheduled for my long run today, but decided to go for it anyway. I was at 4.5 miles when I went to change the song on my ipod and I accidentally pulled the cord that stops the treadmill.

I was so mad....I was physically getting tired and didn't think I would be able to start up again.

But I did. And I finished the 6 miles.

And now I want to faint. I don't know if I will ever be able to run 13 miles!

Anyway, I'm thankful I persevered and finished.


Grandma Dee Dee said...

you go girl:) I am proud of you. now get on me to exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GinSpaghetti said...

WHOO HOO!!! That is awesome! I get stuck at 4!

Nellie Dee said...

Ha. Sounds like me with my new elyptical.
It's a lot more difficult than my treadmill which is out of commission since it needs a new tread. So, I started out slowly, one step at a time and stop for frequent breathers. Good job Jill. I'll think of you now whenever I'm on it and you know I'll be saying my prayers. :-)

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