Thursday, November 5, 2009

#84 - A Strong, Solid House

The size of the house we are currently living in is quite large - excessive is what I call it. But I am thankful that we are able to live in a sturdy home.

The girls and I have been reading The Three Little Pigs this week. We were going over the story again today, and then they colored pictures of a straw house, a stick house and a brick house. Very basic...not a lot of deep learning going on there.

But then it was time to get the mail. In the mail today was a letter from Suresh, one of our Compassion children in India. In the letter was a form he filled out...All About Me. And at the bottom of the form were some small pictures of houses...straw, concrete, mud and brick. Do you know which house he marked that best resembled his own?

The straw house.
There was some deep learning going on in my heart. I hope the girls got some of it too.

As for the girls' daily journal entries...

Sydney...the sea and Halloween Compassion friends, Lian (in Columbia) and Yoselin (in the Dominican Republic)

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pippasmum said...

Living as the middle class in North America, it is so easy to take our homes for granted. Thanks for the little reminder!

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